Intellectual Property is an asset class unlike any other. Whilst relatively easy to create, understanding its potential and nurturing it to achieve the hidden value requires skills and experience which take decades to develop.

TransTech helps academics and researchers to understand their routes to identifying, codifying and protecting their ideas.

Technology innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialisation can flourish alongside traditional academic research provided researchers are properly motivated, have clear guidance as to how to reveal the right ideas, and a culture of clarity and trust exists so they understand how they may benefit from doing so.

TransTech works with academic institutions to establish and operate technology transfer policies and processes appropriate for their own situations and culture.

There is no "one size fits all" solution for technology transfer. Processes need to be tailored to suit the specific institution, but must be seen as clear, fair and transparent if they are to gain the buy-in from potential inventors. They must develop and foster a culture which encourages enfranchisement and entrepreneurship

TransTech provides detailed due diligence skills to examine and test the validity and value of new ideas.

Before any idea can be protected or developed, a detailed understanding of its application, market potential and route to commercialisation is required to ensure the correct steps are taken to maximise value.

Advises on appropriate funding mechanisms to prove the idea can be exemplified and turned into a real business proposition.

Governments and other stakeholders are willing to provide seed capital for innovation development once they recognise that robust results driven processes have been established.